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Ghana is situated in western Africa. Situated on the Gulf of Guinea, it is a relatively small country. The population is small as well. In spite of its size, it is one of the leading nations of Africa. This is because of the natural wealth Ghana has.

Ghana is known for its diverse wildlife, dense forests and a picturesque coastline. It is a historically rich country as well, with habitation dating back to 10,000 BCE.

The country is also known for producing Cacao. More than one half of the country’s land is used for growing Cacao. It is grown for its seeds which are known as Cocoa beans. The prices paid by other countries for the Cocoa beans determined the economy of Ghana. Other than agriculture, other important occupations include fishing and forestry. More than half of the population is employed in these three occupations.

Did you know?

● Ghana was the first black country to be free from colonial rule.
● The name Ghana comes from a medieval trading empire which unfortunately was abolished in the 13th century.
● The largest artificial reservoir in the world is located in Ghana. The name of the reservoir is Lake Volta.
● Is it the second largest producer of Cocoa beans in the world
● Ghana is rich in diamond and gold reserves
● Music genre Afro Jazz was invented in Ghana

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Beaches of Ghana

Let us take a look at the beaches of Ghana

Ghana's coastline is 550 kilometers long. It consists of sandy beaches known for their palm trees and tropical water. Whether you want to surf the waves or just relax with a book and some coconut water, Ghana offers everything.

The best beaches include Kokrobite, Labadi, Bujo and Butre beach.

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Clients Documents.

Valid UAE resident Immigration with thirty days(30) validity.

Main Passport Required (With 6 month validity with at least two clean page).

Original NOC letter declaring salary, designation, becoming a member of date, tour cause for worker addressing Ireland Embassy.Valid Trade License copy, Self-Introduction letter pointing out month-to-month income, passport small print for Partners, Investors & Owners.

Three Recent Photograph with White Background (3.5*4.5 CM).

Invitation letter required for Business Immigration.


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